Hey guys !

My name is Nir Brainin, I'm 31 years old, born in Haifa and currently live and work in Tel Aviv.

I remember the first time when my father bought me my first camera at age 16, a little and compact samsung digimax camera, i started to go outside and take picture of everything, but the most important turning point that photography brought to my life was looking at things differently, if it was a simple landscape before or simple scene, from now on it was like magic for me, seeing different and capture it as special and unique with my own eyes, and yes, with my camera.

At the last 5 years i became more obsessed with video and filmmaking, giving me the option to express more feelings,characters and especially humor which the moment i was born i never stop to use it, the truth is that my big dream is to become a comedian, but for now, let me just take pictures and make films !